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TYSO - Web Kiosk

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Fullscreen web browser in kiosk mode, useful for installations and exhibitions.

For Mac OS 10.12+. Windows coming soon.

The app is still in beta, expect lots of new features (and bug fixes).

Ideas & feedback are always greatly appreciated!

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  • Autolaunch (with customizable delay).
  • Multiple tabs/projects.
  • Hide/show reload button.
  • Show additional infos per projects.
  • Host local websites.
  • Reload page if idle for a given time.
  • Protect app with password.
  • Blocks all popup windows.

Many thanks to Callum & Pauline

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1 license on 1 machine at a time (with unlimited deactivation)

TYSO v0.1.3
Mac OSX 10.12+

TYSO - Web Kiosk

0 ratings
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